Iñaki Relanzón - Wildlife and conservation photographer

Photography workshops with Iñaki Relanzón

Iñaki Relanzón combines teaching with his projects, reports and other photographic work. He maintains that his courses and workshops, both in english and spanish, are the only occasions in which he shouldn´t travel alone. Weekend workshops, entire week workshops, conferences and lectures and much more are part of the Iñaki's teaching activities. 

A new option and one in great demand recently, are "one to one" workshops. The price is somewhat higher than that of the more traditional, but it means the workshop is based entirely on you: the explanations and topics are chosen by you, meaning that you benefit much more from the time invested. If you are interested in a customized workshop, you can contact directly with This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

If you want to see more information about all the workshops, please, go to the spanish section on this website by clicking here.

And, of course, all the photo trips around the world: 2 weeks workshops in Iceland, the USA, Kenya, Indonesia, Madagascar, Falkland Islands, Antartida, etc. You can see all our photo trips by clicking here.

Workshops english with Iñaki Relanzón