Iñaki Relanzón - Wildlife and conservation photographer

Vídeo blog

During his trips and expeditions, but also in other calmer times, Iñaki comes across situations which deserve to be told and shown. This is why he decided to tell them in a video blog, filming himself with a small subjective camera. This technique allows him to speak spontaneously in first person, and to mix the final video with visual scenes and real sounds from the experience.

Whether it be from a live recorded guided photographic exhibition, anecdotes or real situations in nature, the episodes are short and varied. They do not appear on a regular basis, but appear depending on the opportunities and Iñaki´s need to show and talk about new topics, always in relation to photography, nature and conservation.

Video blog-The birthday present

Published on Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Video blog - 02 The birthday present - Iñaki RelanzónIñaki talks about how Elena gave a custom photography one-day workshop to her partner, Sergi. During the workshop we go to different places in the Natural Park of Cadí, in the Pyrenees.

Length: 2:25

Video blog-A 2000 Euros photograph

Published on Thursday, 2 August 2012

Video blog - 01 A 2000 Euros photograph - Iñaki RelanzónDuring a dive, one of Iñaki´s casings sinks. Whilst he explains this, he also remembers how a polar bear ate another one of his cameras years before.

Length: 2:17