Iñaki Relanzón - Wildlife and conservation photographer

Why a project approach

The Wild Wonders of Europe exhibit in the Parque del Retiro, Madrid (Spain). Photography: Ángel PérezPerhaps the most fulfilling experience a photographer can have is to work in-depth on a project over several years. A quality project can be distinguished by the way in which it tells the photographic story, in the way that it reinforces photojournalistic language and through its determination. It is in projects of this type that the photographer can promote the use of photography as a tool for conservation of the natural heritage, in the movement called conservation photography. Often, a multi-year project resulting in just 20 images.

It is in this type of project that the photographer can have a real impact on the role of photography as a way to promote conservation of the natural heritage.

Today, teamwork is very fashionable. Some recent projects of enormous impact have involved a team of coordinated photographers.

In recent years, Iñaki Relanzón has worked on two important projects; the well-known "Wild Wonders of Europe", in which 60 of the best European wildlife photographers were involved, and "Madagascar, Noah's Ark", an individual project supported by various international nature conservation organisations.

At the moment he is preparing a third project, "The Living Med", which will be developed over more than a decade and which will include all the countries in the Mediterranean basin.

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Madagascar, Noah’s Ark

Wild Wonders of Europe

The living med