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The living med

The Mediterranean is often associated with densely populated, built-up areas, and with holidays and luxury. However, the Mediterranean eco region comprises not only the sea but also territories in 20 different countries on 3 continents. It still conserves spaces of huge natural value and emblematic species which we need to protect. Very few people know, for example, that the most endangered feline on the planet is the Iberian lynx, or that the rarest seal in the world, the monk seal, can be found in the Mediterranean.

For this reason, Iñaki Relanzón, in association with 2 other Spanish photographers, (members of the International League of Conservation Photographers), Francisco Márquez y Jaime Rojo, decided to launch this project under the umbrella of the Beyond Light association.

The Living Med - Iñaki RelanzónThe Living Med (TLM) is an ambitious project, with a timescale of more than a decade. Its mission is to contribute to the conservation of the Mediterranean ecosystem through the use of photography. For this reason, biologists, managers, spokespeople and fundraisers are also participating in the TLM team.

The project is currently finishing its first phase, in which the base, the theory, the corporate image and the judicial bodies have been established. The work of the photographers will begin shortly. The official presentation of The Living Med will take place in the Wild 10 festival, which will be held in Salamanca (Spain) in October 2013.
"The living med" Portfolio
"The living med" Portfolio