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Madagascar, Noah's ark

Iñaki Relanzón´s interest in Madagascar started as a child, after reading a book by the well-known naturalist, conservationist and author Gerald Durrell, called "The Aye-Aye and I". Gerald Durrell founded the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust which even today continues working with endangered species in different countries, including Madagascar.

Madagascar Malachite Kingfisher - Iñaki RelanzónAfter his first trip there of only 3 weeks, Iñaki decided to mount a 3-month expedition in order to make the audiovisual "Madagascar, in search of the Aye-Aye" and to evaluate the possibilities of a more in-depth work. In that extended trip, Iñaki contacted various international organizations which work with endangered species, for example Conservation International, Fanamby, The Peregrine Fund and the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust.

Since then, Iñaki has visited the island 10 times, going to rarely visited hidden corners, photographing species that until now have been imageless. The rediscovered Madagascan coot, which had been considered extinct, or the silky sifakas, beautiful lemurs in critical danger of extinction, are only 2 examples. The work is carried out in continual collaboration with scientists, such as the American primatologist Erik Patel, and is vital to the project.

The project continues, and Iñaki is still working with all of the above-mentioned organizations, as well as with Madagascar National Parks which is the governmental body managing the protected areas on the island.

The dissemination of the Project has been achieved via the publication of reports, the projection of the audiovisual "Madagascar, in search of the Aye-Aye", and the travelling exhibit "Madagascar, Noah´s Ark".
"Madagascar Noah's Ark" Portfolio - Iñaki Relanzón"Madagascar Noah's Ark" Portfolio

“Madagascar, in search of the Aye-Aye” Audiovisual“Madagascar, in search of the Aye-Aye” Audiovisual