Iñaki Relanzón - Wildlife and conservation photographer

Conservation photography

The communion between photography and nature requires a long process of learning and maturing. The photographic techniques are only an instrument: to be able to capture a good image is not the goal; it is only one more step.

Always in search for spectacular locations and situations to photograph, and after long thought and numerous features in the press, Iñaki Relanzón realized that he needed more so as not to become frustrated. He refused to consider the possibility that his photographs were mere aesthetic images created to momentarily impress his audience.

He joined the ILCP and speeded up the process of finding a profile in which he felt much more realized and comfortable: that of conservation photographer. Being neither scientist nor consultant, or even a journalist with formal training, he understood that with his images he could contribute one more grain of sand to nature conservation.

Iñaki isn´t happy to just visually seduce his audience, but rather, through different strategies and going more in depth into various projects, ensures that his work has real and tangible repercussions.

Conservation photography - Iñaki RelanzónWith regards to public awareness, given that it is so much less developed in Spain than in other countries, Iñaki has tried to transmit this rich message through the use of articles, conferences and workshops. Despite having appeared in prestigious international magazines, his preferred audience is children. Education through the use of images is much more productive with them.

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