Iñaki Relanzón - Wildlife and conservation photographer

Books of Iñaki Relanzón

Over the last 20 years, Iñaki Relanzón has contributed to the photographic illustration of over 150 books, published by prestigious international publishing houses. The portfolios of Wildlife Photographer of the Year, books from the series CEMEX of the International League of Conservation Photographers (ILCP), or the eminent collection "Handbook of the Mammals of the World", by Lynx, are only some of the examples.

Iñaki is himself the principle author of 6 books: in some of these he has written texts and been in charge of the publishing and design. Below you can find a selection of his most notable work.

Ordesa, las montañas de Celia

Iñaki Relanzón´s latest book is homage to the beauty of the Ordesa area in the Pyrenees. The photographs, taken over a period of several years ...

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Cadí, Una mirada al Parc Natural del Cadí-Moixeró

Iñaki was commissioned to write this book on the Parc Natural Cadí-Moixeró in the same week that his friend and fellow photographer Lluís Danart died ...

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Photosfera, la naturaleza a través del objetivo

In "Photosfera, la naturaleza a través del objetivo", Iñaki reaches a turning point. It is a collection of the best wildlife photographs taken during his ...

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Wild Wonders of Europe

If there is a book which brings together the most impactful and fresh best European photographers, this is, with no doubt, the enormous project Wild ...

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Islandia, Reflejos en la madrugada

In 1993, when hardly anyone went to Iceland, Iñaki travelled there and made a 3-week coach trip. And he fell in love. So much so ...

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Fotografía del mundo subterráneo

Iñanki´s first photographs coincided with his period as speleologist. Over several years, he and the Grup Espeleològic Pedraforca (GEP), explored and photographed caves and caverns ...

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He mirat aquesta terra

The province of Barcelona is mostly forest area, and contains several protected areas of great importance. Some the natural parks which stand out for their ...

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Natura, Regards créatifs sur la nature

This is a Luxury Edition work, and is an extensive but carefully chosen selection of images from the "Portfolio Natural" collection of photographs, in which ...

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