Iñaki Relanzón - Wildlife and conservation photographer

Iñaki Relanzón on TV

During recent years, Iñaki Relanzón has appeared several times on television. As a photographer and awareness raiser, television has offered him a huge platform to show his images to the public and to talk about his philosophy: the way in which he relates to the natural habitat and wild animals, and through his photographs aims to protect them.

Chapter apart is his series of videos "Making of" in Youtube, in which Iñaki demonstrates different techniques to capture images of nature.

Some of his most notable appearances are:

Documentary "El escarabajo verde" from TV2 (Spain)

El escarabajo verde - Iñaki Relanzón Synopsis: "El Escarabajo Verde" is a series of documentaries made by TVE which has been on air for almost 10 years. In this episode we accompany Iñaki Relanzón to a colony of seals in Donna Nook (Great Britain), where he talks about his work.

Language: Spanish
Length: 13 minutes
Channel: TV2
Broadcast date: March 2007

Television series "Fotografies-Third episode Animals" from TV3 (Spain)

Fotografies - Iñaki Relanzón Synopsis: third episode of the first season of the series "Fotografies", produced by Televisió de Catalunya (TV3), in which the nature photographer Iñaki Relanzón, who is accompanied by the presenter Antoni Tortajada, goes to the Farne Islands (north England) to photograph colonies of marine birds.

Language: Catalan
Length: 26 minutes
Channel: TV3
Broadcast date: March 2012

Interview from "Diputació de Barcelona"

Diputació de Barcelona - Iñaki Relanzón Synopsis: The "Red de parques Naturales de la Diputación de Barcelona" interviews Iñaki Relanzón on his long work photographing its landscape and fauna.

Language: Catalan
Length: 10 minutes
Channel: Youtube
Broadcast date: February 2011

Interview on TV show "Els matins" from TV3 (Spain)

Els matins de TV3 - Iñaki Relanzón Synopsis: Iñaki Relanzón appears on the popular morning television show "Els Matins de TV3" presented by Josep Cuní. He was interviewed because of his feature about the eruption of the Icelandic volcano which caused all the European airspace to be closed.

Language: Catalan
Length: 5 minutes
Channel: TV3
Broadcast date: April 2010

Appearance on TV show "Divendres" from TV3 (Spain)

Divendres TV3 - Iñaki Relanzón Synopsis: Appearance of Iñaki Relanzón on the afternoon television show "Divendres", by Televisió de Catalunya (TV3). The presentors Xavi Coral and Espartac Peran, offer Iñaki the space to show some of his best images.

Language: Catalan
Length: 11 minutes
Channel: TV3
Broadcast date: November 2010